Saturday, July 16, 2005

Power Outage at Pearson

We arrived at the airport last Thursday to catch our flight to Toronto only to find it had been cancelled. The staff could only tell us that it was caused by lightening storms around the Mississauga area affecting Toronto Pearson International Airport and redirected us to US Airway. After 1.5h of lining up we got our tickets to Toronto.

Looking at the ticket we knew we had a long flight ahead of us and we weren't willing to stay the night for tomorrow's 6 something flight as we did once.
Here's the flight plan:
Flight 1 - fly south for 1.25h to US Airway's eastern hub

Flight 2 - fly back up North for 2h to Toronto

It was a long flight and I didn't get home till past midnight. I should really sleep more on Wednesday night's to prepare myself for these things.

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