Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Transformers

If you're a guy and you were in elementary school during the 80's, you probably played with Transformers at some point in your life. There weren't video games so we played with real life toys in those days.
I was at a toy store recently and saw this:

It's an Acura RSX Transformer. If I had an RSX I would definitely pick up this toy. It's cool having a transformer of the car you drive. Some of the new transformers like Beast Wars and Cybertron have some ugly looking toys but this Transformer is part of the Alternator line that takes actual cars and transforms them into robots. Sound pretty familar to the original Transformers? It does but there's ONLY cars or trucks. No guns, planes, or cassette players. Just look at Shockwave.
Something else in the world of Transformers is the new line of Star Wars toys. Here's the best out of the three toys, Darth Vader:

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