Monday, April 16, 2007

New Toy, Almost

For one grand, it didn't work grand

  • Amazingly large and sharp screen

  • Great soft touch back surface

  • Impressive photo quality for images taken in daylight

  • Reasonably small size

  • Speedy GUI and processor for running Gameboy, NES, and SNES emulators

  • Has all the features I want in a phone

  • Mandatory flash and shutter sound when taking photos with macro mode or regular auto focus mode

  • Photo taking is slow so setting up for a photo takes a long time in dim places

  • Minimum distance for camera is too large for me to take food pics

  • Slow camera start up and auto focus speed

  • GPS has difficult locking onto satellites

  • Creeky body when the slider is open

  • Wi-Fi is touchy even in the browser so when it disconnects it will occasionally have problems connecting back to the same access point

  • Freaking expensive and I'm very afraid of getting it scratched in my pockets

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Anonymous said...

... enough.

- mui