Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Phone start-up failed"

I was updating QuickOffice on my phone when it stalled and hung my phone. I did a restart and the unthinkable showed up right after the Nokia hands:

"Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer"

I first tried removing the memory card and restarting. Failed.
I tried removing the SIM card and restarting. Failed.

You can't re-install the firmware because it doesn't get into any of the data modes. I wasn't going to send my N82 back to Europe for servicing and be without it for a long time. I was cringing at what it would cost at an independent store.

Thankfully Nokia added a fail safe. You can wipe out the phone memory (lose all your contacts if you have it set to phone memory, notes, etc.) and restore it back to the last firmware on the phone by (a method commonly known as the 3 finger salute):

Hold the green call button, the "3" key, and "*" key all at the same time while starting up the phone.

If you have 5800 (firmware V. 20.0.012), hold the green call button, the red hang up button, and the camera button all at the same time while staring up the phone.

If you have N97, hold the "Caps" key, "Space bar" key, "Backspace" key, and "Power" button all at the same time while staring up the phone.

The phone will slightly flicker and prompt you for your country. Now my N82 is back to a factory clean state.

*UpdateYou can also do this on S60 5th edition like the 5800 (firmware V.20.0.012 or higher): hold the green call button, red end call button, and camera key all at the same time while starting up the phone.

Note: I'd only use this as a last resort.

Note: This doesn't save you from a botched firmware upgrade using Nokia Software Updater.

Note: Be careful with your phone.

Note: Although I did this with a N82, I'm sure it'll work on other S60 phones like the N95.


Haro said...

Thanks! This is really useful!
I tried to upgrade my little N82 on easter holiday.. and got the same error msg on start-up.. i'm like "Bad.. Real Bad" thank god i've googled this blog!

Anonymous said...

this is also very useful when returning a phone - to clear off all traces of usage/contacts/emails etc. Very handy and quick to do.

Thanks for posting this up.

嘻嘻 said...

This helps a lot, and it works with my phone after firmware update fail. Thanks Eric!

Nice said...

why can't i do it with my N77? Oh my, my phone sucks!

Anonymous said...

My fone alive, thank heaps Eric... :-*

Justin said...

thank you so much!!! i was almost breaking a cold sweat when i saw the msg ...thanks!!!! u rock!

Anonymous said...

Worked for me!


Anonymous said...

Worked perfect. I had to put all my data and applications back, but that is fine since the phone works. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

realy 2 helpful tq

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Saved my day.

Shirley said...

i was gonna bring my phone to the nokia service centre and they're probably gonna charge me as my phone is no longer under warranty. thank god i decided to google and found your blog! you're a life saver! thanks alot! :):)