Monday, July 28, 2008

Chicago: Nokia Flagship Store

543 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Guess where I went this weekend!

Yes, I was in Chicago!

The hustle and bussel of the city streets:

Cloud Gate

Also known as "The Bean". It's pretty cool being directly underneath The Bean and seeing a distant reflection of yourself.

Now what is a Chicago trip without visiting the Nokia Flagship store on Michigan Avenue?

Nokia Store Window:

Nokia is really pushing their Batman tie in.

Inside the Nokia Store:

Unlike their New York City store, this one is single floored.

Phones presently pushed: 8600 Luna, Batman Phone (Nokia 6205), 5310

They also had a number of E62 and E61i at the front of the store. A E71 was also present!

Other phones they had on display were the Nokia N810, E90, E51, E65 (white, pink, and grey), N76, N82, N95, N95 8GB, N81, 6300, 6133. No 6220 classic, no E66.

The flagship store was fairly quiet. No where near the chaos of going to a Tiffany's on the weekend.

The computers at the back had a browser opened to a page with links to WOMWorld, GSMArena, and Nokia. Too bad that computer didn't have Internet access so none of the links worked.

The Nokia flagship store was a little disappointment except for the E71. It resembles more of a store and not really an innovative place to show off the capabilities of Nokia. After seeing a number of Windows Mobile commercials at the airport showing off document editing capabilities, I just wished Nokia did a better job convincing people that they want a Nokia.

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