Friday, June 19, 2009

Nokia N86 8MP Preview

I'm currently at London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) in Terminal 5 International waiting for a flight back to Canada. Interestingly there is a Nokia store right inside the airport with prices usually 15% off the UK market price and no tax! Not only that - they carry the latest Nokia phones. One of them being the N97 and the other is the N86 8MP!!

It looks similar to the N85 but with a more subdued color scheme.

More photos after the jump.

The OLED screen is almost the same as the N85 but the slight tint makes it easier to see under direct light. I still have to try it under direct sunlight.

Sliding the screen up exposes the number pad.

The side profile is similar to the N85.

Sliding the screen down exposes the multimedia keys that look better than those on the N85.

The number pad looks very retro like those found on phones 5 years ago like the T610but it was very comfortable to use with great tactile feedback.

The 8MP camera exposed.

First impressions: The build quality is a big improvement over the wobbly N85. Nokia has got it right this time and it's almost as tight as the E65. The phone doesn't creak and has a good weight to it. The UI is snappy and uses a theme similar to the 5800. The camera is fast to start up and I will be updating this blog entry with sample photos I took with the N86 compared to my trusty N82. As I mentioned before the keypad looks ugly but it is very functional and nicely spaced. the buttons are a tad small if you have big fingers.

There really isn't anything bad to say about this phone in terms of build and usage but it's a phone that the N85 should've been. With the N97 stealing the spot light, the N86 is actally more exciting for me. After a little price drop, I'm definitely going to pick up this phone. I highly recommend you drop by your local Nokia store to try out the phone. You won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

So many people asking this same question but noone has any answers.
Here is my question and sorry for being so cheeky.
Perhaps you can help. The Nokia forums can not

I can get my e71 to recognise my wire-less LAN at work.
It sees the Access Point and I know the WEP key.
The network can be defined and the Icon created is available in the Access Points folder of my e71.

However the ISA Server at work is configured for a User Name and Password authentication and I can not find anywhere on the e71 connection settings that allows me to set a username and password .

I'm looking for soulution on the e71, rather than the ISA Server if possible.

I have spent days searching for a solution. Even my Tech Support and Network Admin don't know how to do this but want to so as to connect their phones.

If you know please make the instructions simple to understand if possible.

Many Thanks


Anonymous said...

I just got myself a Nokia e71 and having the same issue. Mine works in home wireless network but not at work. Were you able to solve the issue?

Eric said...

@John - Sorry to reply so late. I don't see comments as they're posted so I don't know when they're made. Can you check if your ISA Server is set to use a certificate? I found the following: