Sunday, October 18, 2009

The "What does Mobile Computing Mean to You" Winner!

Thanks to everyone that took part! I really enjoyed watching/reading what everyone thought about mobile computing. A lot of thought was put into the videos that ranged from replicating a dual for the laptop to getting lost driving at night.

It was down to the wire to choosing a winner...

Since I had only had 1 Nokia N97 to give away I had to choose one video...

The winner of Eric's Corner's Nokia N97 giveaway tells me that mobile computing is about:

  • fun
  • freedom
  • spontaneity
  • community
  • efficiency

Congratulations to CraigM who did a great job with showcasing how technology is put into real use to solving some of life's challenges. Hope you'll find some good uses with the Nokia N97!


CraigM said...

Kai was asking all day if a winner had been announced and if we had a chance to win. He'll be VERY excited. Thanks Eric.

Eric said...

Hi CraigM, I just messaged you via YouTube with the user name anotheran.