Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nokia Announces FULL Nokia Maps for free!

*Updated: Free Navigation is NOT available for all S60 3rd edition phones. See below

That's nice for people who love using Nokia Maps. What's included free is:
  • Turn by Turn Navigation
  • City guides (like from Michelin)
  • Safety camera and Speed warnings
  • Traffic information (if available)
  • Premium services such as Weather information and event guides

Here's the caveat, the free navigation version of Ovi Maps isn't available for older phones, only current and future phones (S60 3rd FP2/FP5). Here's a list of currently supported phones:
  • X6
  • N97 mini
  • E52
  • E55
  • E72
  • 6730 classic
  • 6710
  • 5800
  • 5230

Source: Nokia

Now, I'm finally upgrading my Nokia Maps. Balls on your court now, Google.


John said...

There are some quite large-screened devices out there for some people to justify a dedicated GPS unit however I think perhaps it would have been better to trial OVI maps on one of the larger-screened Nokia devices that can run the free navigation software, such as the N97 (3.5in) or even 5800XM (3.2in). 2.4in is the screen size of my N82, which I love, but would not, no could not, consider for route navigation. It's not just the small screen size but touch screen is necessary! I have used OVI Maps on the 5800XM and I think it's great. Of course, people who use route navigation every day will probably still opt for a dedicated device however I would now use a Nokia phone with a larg-ish, touch enabled screen. I give it.
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mobile said...

Don't we have to be connected to internet while using Nokia Maps.
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