Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II UK International 4.0.4 ICS Released and Impressions

In a process much faster than this year's 4.0.3 update, UK international (XEU) phones get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 4.0.4 just a few weeks after the initial roll out.

If you're running Samsung stock 4.0.3 ICS then 4.0.4 is a must get

The About Screen showing 4.0.4The Samsung 4.0.4 firmware introduces even larger font in the UI and the icons are back in the menu
Changes Noticed:
  • Larger font throughout user interface
  • Screen capture changed back to pre-ICS which is hold center key and Power button at the same time
  • Much improved user interface response and transitions
  • Some UI menus are stock ICS (greyish with aqua blue) like the WiFi selection
  • Faster key recognition at the lock screen
  • Browser no longer shows URL bar when you scroll (I turn on Labs > Quick Controls to compensate)
  • Scrolling in the native browser changed back to prefering scrolling left, right, down, up instead of scrolling based on your exact finger swipe motion
  • Font changes: Adds Rosemary font
  • Adds Display battery percentage option in Display menu to display both the standard green battery icon and the percentage at the top
  • Fixes the auto-sync Exchange e-mail when connected to WiFi
  • Calculator now vibrates the phone at each key press
  • A "More" link has been added to the bottom right of Calendar descriptions can be expanded to see the whole description
In comparison to the battery life of 4.0.3, this firmware gives me slightly better results:

  • On average usage I get 25 minutes of battery life for every 1% of battery loss.
  • Leaving the phone on with display off, all data off, RAM memory cleared, and no background apps running, I get a little over 1.5 hours for every 1% of battery loss.
  • With heavy GPS usage and occasional WiFi usage, I get about 7 minutes for every 1% of battery loss
  • Recharging from empty takes a little over 3 hours

With ICS 4.0.4, the Samsung Galaxy S II can get over 100 hours of battery life with light usage.

If you're on 4.0.3 right now then you should definitely upgrade to 4.0.4.  The improved user interface performance is well worth the upgrade.  The only drawback is the increased font size which increases menu scrolling.

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