Sunday, May 01, 2005

Restaurant Differences

As most of you know, McDonald's BBQ sauce is different in the US compared to what you get in Canada. US BBQ sauce tastes like BBQ while we get some sweet sauce. I've grown to like what we get in Canada. But apart from that, did you know that KFC is different on the other side of the border?
Here's a pic:

I didn't take a close up picture because I'm sure the staff would think I'm crazy. Their menu resembles what you get at Popeyes with biscuits, wings, mashed potatoes, and pie. This is what I had for dinner that night:

Those are BBQ wings on the left side. They're like 5 for $2 if you get them as a side. Notice the coleslaw isn't the radioactive green we get in Canada. If I liked KFC more, I'd go more often but too bad it's bad for health.

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tissue said...

that looks pretty sick. although i noticed a sign at KFC at warden and sheppard that extra crispy chicken is back!