Saturday, November 12, 2005

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

This was our last place of interest on our trip to San Francisco, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. It's situated by City Hall were a lot of poor people hang around.
It had a couple questionable art pieces so let's start the gallery.

Brush Symphony, 1998 by C.C. Wang.

A big puddle of ink after a mistake. Oops i mean:
Monument, 1993 by Yan Binghui

Village by the Mountain by Zeng Mi
If you look at the writing from left to right, it looks like he realized he was running out of space so he crammed the characters in. Notice how the ink runs in many of the brush strokes, even in the writing, while some strokes do not run. We attribute that to having too much water in the brush - it's a beginner's mistake.

Time and Space, 1992 by Yuan Desing. What do you think?

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