Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Go for Tea

It's not your usual Chinese bubble tea establishment

It's a swanky place that serves mainly bubble tea and lots of fried Chinese appetizers. What set it apart from the rest are the building's location and the decor. It's located in a, generally, non-Chinese plaza by a well known restaurant called Brix. Outside of Bubble Tease at some large English shopping centers like Square One, it's not a usual to see a bubble tea shop mixed in with non-Chinese establishments - especially not of this size. Inside it attempts to look high scale with hanging decorations. Its prices are a bit higher than usual but don't expect good prices at any bubble tea place since you pay for the drink and the time spent occupying the seat. The waiters running back and forth from touch screen monitors reminded me of Congee Wong. I had a cold Peach Milk Green Tea with tapioca. It wasn't cold enough but it did come in a big mug. I would come for the ambiance but it's probably not worth the line up that quickly forms after 10pm.

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