Saturday, January 14, 2006

More Memory

As phones become more like computers, they need more and more memory to store programs, documents, music, and other files.

So I got something good for myself:

It's a ATP 512MB MMCMobile for my Nokia 6682. There's 1GB MMCMobile cards available but not from ATP yet. Now I can stuff my phone full of Family Guy episodes!

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kpmishu said...

"mMmm...Memory..." -*slurps coming from Eric's phone*'d be kinda cool if in the somewhat future, there'll be mini-mini-dvds so you can like watch it on the phone :P

Technology is becoming so portable these days, pretty soon it'll become smaller and smaller and etc.'s like invisible to the naked eye. Haha! ok so I may be exaggerating but oh well. :D