Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Whole Roasted Hog

Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat a cow? How about a whole pig?

Now is your opportunity!

This is at the City Barbeque. It's like from those old medieval movies where you eat a whole pig with an apple in its mouth. To me, it looks like those crispy skin pigs they have at Chinese BBQ places.

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kpmishu said...

Haha! my gosh! a whole pig eh? Well.. I could probably eat a WHOLE one..but..within several days and rest for my stomach yeah :P

Haha!! it's funny how you made such a post...I just had pork yesterday for dinner.

Haha³ I remember celebrating my sister's birthday at Medieval Times. They had tournaments, knights battling each other, eating chicken with our fingers, and etc. Before I went, I heard that someone there brought a spoon and a fork but the people there took it away. I guess they wanted to be a bit old fashion. :P