Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nokia N95, N82 Turn Off Camera Sound

Since there are a number of people out on the web searching for turning off camera sound or shutter sound, I thought I'd post an entry on how to do it.

First try changing your phone to silent mode. Try taking a photo with the camera. If that didn't work then your phone's regional firmware probably doesn't allow silencing or disabling the camera sound so you'll need to read below.

Note: I do not endorse this but if this makes you happier with your Nokia S60 then it's worth it.

Warning: This involves updating your phone firmware so it's a risky procedure. Updating your phone is at your own risk.

- Installed Nokia Suite Software that came with your phone
- Installed European Nokia Software Updater
- Phone
- Nokia USB Cable

First Part: Changing the product code on your S60 phone

Warning: This first part voids your Nokia warranty

Update 10/06/2008: fixes a bug that prevented NSS from comunicating with the new Nokia Connectivity Cable driver
Download Nemesis Service Suite Beta from B-pheaks (NSS103812.exe, 6,629,190 bytes) (NSS103814.exe, 6,514,081 bytes)

Note: Updating Nokia Software Updater will override your USB drivers and prevent NSS from properly reading your Nokia phone. I would suggest using the European Nokia Software Updater 1.4.23. - fixed in NSS
  1. Install NSS and restart computer

  2. Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable and set to PC Suite mode.

  3. Open nss software click on magnifying glass in top right.

  4. Click phone info and scan your phone just to make sure its connected

  5. To the right, click read to bring up your product data.

  6. Write down your product code.

  7. Change the product code one for EURO 1, 2, or 3 (see here for a listing of product codes for your S60 phone, I use EURO 3 - N82 RM-313 = 0551521) and check enable box then click on write.

  8. You must reset the phone in NSS software. Click on tools tab then factory settings tab.

  9. Check the full factory circle and click reset.

  10. Restart your phone (I don't think this step is necessary but let's do it just in case)

Second Part: Update Phone Firmware

  1. Update your phone as you normally do and remember never to turn off your computer or phone. And remember it's normal for the phone to blink a couple times. Don't do anything to it and don't run anything on your computer at the same time.

That's it! Try out your camera now.

I would suggest changing your phone's product code back to the original value using the first part of this, just in case.


Anonymous said...

If a user wants to silence their camera sound permanently couldn't they just change the sound file to a file with no sound.

I am not sure how easy it would be to do to replace the sound file of the "camera shutter sound" with a file of the same name that has no sound. It seems like this would carry less risk than messing with the firmware.

Eric said...

The replacement of the sound file might be possible now but it wasn't an option before. I haven't tried it yet but replacing file at the system level of the phone requires a hack to do that. It's even more lengthy and risky: http://thinkabdul.com/2007/10/29/tutorial-bypass-symbian-signed-install-unsigned-sisxj2me-midlets-on-nokia-s60-v3-with-full-system-permissions/

taz5176 said...

thx for the tutorial
i hv a black n82, & i wanna change the product code to view thai names, i belief my set f/w is the latest. after changing the product, do i really nd to update the f/w again since it is the latest one?

btw, do u know which product code supports the below language?
1. english - read & write
2. chinese - read (would be good if can write)
3. jap - read only
4. thai - read only


Anonymous said...

Thank you, it worked for me just fine and flawlessly. I used it for nokia n95 plum, the latest update was installed, but also I used the latest version of NSS, the old one didn't work. The euro 1 code I used was 0536062, the camera is silent, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
I used 0536062 as the product code as the above comment said and it worked perfectly!
Now all I have to do is find out how to turn the red recording light off...

Eric said...

Hi anonymous, I don't know of any way to turn off the red recording light for the Nokia camera application via software. But I have read of people opening their phone and disconnecting the red LED. I personally wouldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

whats the code for E71?

this workaround is ok to do for the language mapping?

i have English/Arabic keypad for my e71, i wish to change that to English keypad.

Eric said...

Hi anonymous, assuming you have a E71-1 (check by typing *#0000# from the standby screen), you can use EURO code: 0567045.

Yes, you can use it for language mapping.

I got the product code from: http://nokiae71.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/product-codes-for-e71/

Anonymous said...

Eric, thanks for this one.

I used the euro-3 code that you provided.

Worked perfectly for me.

No need to hack my phone anymore.

N82-Titanium Silver

Anonymous said...

Nokia 6220 Classic?
Would it be ok for me to use this software to disable the camera sound..?

On a plan also, does this affect anything??

Anonymous said...

I just followed the procedures step by step to include changing back my original product code and it works great!!! No more shutter sound on my n82!! Thanks!!

Only thing I noticed is that the red auto focus light shows on some of the pictures.

rogger said...

I followed the procedures , but in the middle my computer crashed. now i only get a grey screen and the NSS cant read it.. Help!! what can i do to get my N82 to work again...:-(

Eric said...

If these steps don't help you'll have to send your phone out to Nokia to get fixed since the firmware could be completely corrupt. Nokia and I don't recommend running anything simultaneous with Nokia's software updater.

Eric said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yes, you should be able to do this on the Nokia 6220 classic too.

Here's a what I found on thenokiablog for the 6220 classic:
0556423 - this is EURO3 including English language
ver 3.23

Anonymous said...

hi there, just wondering if i changed back to my product code after part ii, will doing there void my warranty? understands that part 1 already void my warranty. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wonder if someone can help me?
I am trying this with my nokia 6220 classic to shut off the camerasound.
But when I come tho the part were I am suppose to go to tools and then factory settings. I do not have any tab that says "Factory settings" What am I doing wrong?

Eric said...

To the anonymous just above this comment - what do you see? can you upload a screenshot to imageshack.us and post a URL to it as a comment here? Make sure you're running the latest version of NSS.

M said...

Hey, I followed steps through for my Nokia 6220 with the euro 3 code 0556423 (as in comments), but in NSS there is no product code initially and the new won't write. Am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

Allright, so i bought a N82 in the UK. Now i'm wanting to change the software so that i can get the scandinavian languages on it.

I changed the product code in NSS (tried both 0551515: Scandinavia
0558321: Scandinavia)

Now when i run the software uopdater it only tells me "unable to retrieve phone information"

Any suggestions?

Eric said...

@M What happens when you click read?

@Anonymous if you connect your N82 to NSS again and read the phone product code, what does it give you?

Anonymous said...

eric! i really need your help! i'm not gud at dis mobile hacking but i tried your way of silencing my camera, i dont get de part with de EURO 1, 2, 3...can u explain it to me pls? anyway if u can help me on anything here is the info bout my phone, de product code is 0561234 nd its a N85-1( written behind de battery)nd, it also says its (RM-333), i'm all confused but i really want 2 get rid of de sounds like my previous phones. greatly appreciate if u'd help, thnx!

Rach said...

eric!! i followed ur instruction and my phone doesnt have sound now..but..the bluetooth and wifi are disable to use now!! i need ur help!!!

Eric said...

@anonymous - if you have a N85 then you can try 0560506: EURO3

@rach that is very odd. what phone do you have? What was your phone's original product code? What did you change the product code to? Have you tried changing the product code to another and then updating your phone's software again?

rach said...

i have n82 black...my orignial code is 0561042//i changed to a hong kong version code..and i did update my phone's software..but the wifi and bluetooth dont work anymore

Eric said...

@rach did you use 0558380 for the Hong Kong product code?

Don't use China product codes. Most Nokia products designed for China have wifi disabled.

rach said...

yea..i used 0558380..but the wifi is disable to use now ,,and bluetooth..

Eric said...

After doing a search, I found that some HK firmwares will disable wifi and FM transmitting (N85 & N79). See: http://www.nokiausers.net/forum/nokia-n85/22924-product-code.html

Electro Sam said...

I successfully disabled sound by hacking
But If I press and hold the right selection key which opens voice recognition, it plays sound, and scans for voice.
If voice is not there or if I quit
it gives error as -
Application closed-

Why this error is coming?

Anonymous said...

No hacking required...
If you hold your fingers over your phone's speakers while you take the picture, it will make the shutter sound almost silent. The red light can be hidden with a small amount of black tape.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i need help about my N82 dual sim china black phone. i can't seem to transfer files via bluetooth from my computer to the phone. the error message i get on my phone says "write file failed" and i don't know what it means or what to do. but when i try to do it the other way around, from phone to sim, it works perfectly. help please. -tisayski