Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Nokia E71 Eseries Pouch

I personally love my E71. It looks amazing with its thin profile and classy use of chrome, very good build quality with little to no creaks, and a flexible robust S60 operating system.

Here is my E71 with the included OEM pouch:

In case you don't have a E71, a thin ring around the D-pad serves as the LED notifcation when you miss a message

But like most of Nokia's line of phones, the E71 is not without its flaws like weak e-mail program with no HTML support. But I want to bring to your attention a simple straightforward flaw in the design of the E71 that reminds me that Nokia still needs a lot of work.

Being designed by Nokia for the E71 and included with the E71 retail package, the case is exactly the right size for the E71:

The exposed stitching definitely looks nice so here's a close up:

A classy Nokia Eseries logo is etched onto the outside. The outside material is soft to touch and feels like leather.

The Nokia E71 easily slides into the case with its soft red fabric interior:

The bumps of the phone like the D-pad ring and the camera will slowly make an imprint on the case:

Now you might be thinking, what is this whole blog entry about and what's wrong with the case? Well just look at that last photo of the E71 in the case. If the LED message indicator is around the D-pad, how can I tell I missed a message when the case covers the D-pad?

It's sad that RIM got this right in every single Blackberry they've ever put out:

Look at that huge exposed notification LED at the top right of that Blackberry.

Yes, it's pretty to see the D-pad blink, sort of like the Blackberry's glowing trackball, but the practical usage tradeoff is ridiculous. If I have the E71 in my pocket or in a belt holster, I can only see the top of the phone so a notification LED should be at the top not on the face of the phone.

The good thing is that Nokia really shows a willingness to listen to consumers and the changes from the E61 to the E71 reflect that. I'm hoping Nokia's next QWERTY keyboard phone will show an improvement in this area.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. This is an awesome phone, and you're going to complain about a free case that comes with it? Go wash your pussy you little girl.

sampcyn said...

I think the nokia oem pouch case looks better than the blackberry case...just my opinion, and if you really dont like the case....you can always send it to me, i'll pay for shipping. :)

Anonymous said...

well this style case is the only way you can protect the phone without having another overlap of leather. The leather catch on the blackberry phone case means that the whole unit is now even thicker.
The nokia case is a solid single unit with no moving parts and will last longer.
But mainly... if you carry your phone in your jacket pocket like it do, then you need to take it out to see it anyway. Your blackberry led argument only works if your one of these guys who wears his phone on his hip.


Anonymous said...

In your pic with the phone sticking out, there's a digital clock on the screen -- is that an app, or part of the phone?

Anonymous said...

The pouch is really good. I liked it a lot. Can any one please tell me where can I get one from. I am desperately looking to buy this thing.


Anonymous said...

I need replacement battery for my E71.