Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ovi down for 2.5 hours in the middle of the day

The Ovi page as of 8pm EST on November 19, 2008

You may have read my post about switching my image hosting to Ovi. Well, they're down for maintance and I didn't notice any notifications that they would be down.

The worst part is my recent uploaded photos are inaccessible so my last post about SmartConnect is missing all the screen shots. This really makes me reconsider Ovi for hosting.

Clicking on the "For more information about this outage, please visit our Forum." link brings you to their forum where every thread is locked

The board expect us to:

subscribe to a forum board:

Log in
Go to the forum board to which you want to subscribe
Click "Board Options" at the top of the board
Select "Add This Board To My Subscriptions

Couldn't they have told us this from the Ovi Service page a couple days in advanced? If you look closely at the forum screenshot I took, there aren't any notifications for today so even if you did subscribe you wouldn't know of this down time.

The way Ovi handled this maintenance time was really poorly communicated and having servers hosting content go down too isn't good for people relying on the content.

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