Monday, December 01, 2008

Nokia 6650 (AT&T) Preview

A month ago I was asked by WOM World to trial the Nokia 6650 and take part in their promotional activity for the AT&T release of the 6650 called Nokia Chronicles (I'm getting featured on Dec 8-14 but you might see some odd photos/videos of myself here just for this activity).

It has been a long time since AT&T has released a Nokia S60 handset to their phone lineup so I was quite eager to see what Nokia has built to cater to American needs and hopeful that this will get S60 in more hands in the US.

I just got the Nokia 6650 in the mail so follow the jump for my initial impressions:

Opening up the box:
The inside felt very empty compared to other phone sales packages I've opened.

The Nokia 6650 sales package includes:
  • 6650 phone
  • BP-4L battery
  • wallcharger
  • Manuals

It's a very basic sales package that really needs to include a memory card like a 1GB. A pair of cheap headphones wouldn't hurt profit margins too much and meet the needs of most casual music listeners.

The Nokia 6650 out of box:

The 6650 looks really good with the brushed metal exterior. The etched AT&T logo is quite classy too.

With the Nokia 6650 powered up and ready to go:

The 6650 fits comfortably in my hand

The AT&T default theme and wallpaper. I wasn't liking it.

It's really hard to see the standby icons and text with the bright colours and details on the map

The external display is really neat:

There are three touch sensitive buttons below the screen that can launch and control the music player, start/stop timers, view your calendar, and take a photo. In idle an anlogue clock is continuously displayed. I wonder if this screen is OLED.

At first the 6650 felt fairly large but I think I've been spoiled by the Nokia 5310 and the E71. It's still thinner than the blocky N82. The S60 3rd edition FP2 feels slow on the 6650 compared to FP1 on both the N82 and E71. Moving in and out folders and launching applications included a slight delay I never had with the E71 and N82. I really like the external display on the 6650 and the added functionality Nokia gave it. I wished it could display incoming text message but it's a lot better than nothing.

To be truthful, I was initially disappointed by the 6650. It looked big to me, slow, and filled with odd AT&T customizations like the wallpaper. But switching the theme to a basic one sped up the UI and I started noticing the subtle features, like the external screen, really impressed me. The phone also looks really nice sitting on the table too. I'm looking forward to reviewing this phone so stay tuned!

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BenSpark said...

Looking forward to what you will be posting to the mini site. Great initial review.