Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nokia 6650: Chronicles

The stylish Nokia 6650 supports AT&T's fast 3G HSDPA network
After a long disappearance of S60 phones from AT&T's line up, AT&T just released the Nokia 6650 this past month. To promote the 6650's multimedia prowlness, Nokia and AT&T have teamed up with WOM World to feature photos taken by bloggers around the US.

A group of 20 bloggers from across the US were sent Nokia 6650 loaners to take photos and videos of their day and Multimedia Message Send (MMS) it to Nokia. Of course, being MMS, we're all limited to 300KB in size so doing video was very tricky so most people stuck with photos. So go visit to see what these bloggers do when they're not at their computers.

If that's not enticing enough, I'm featured on Chapter 2 incase you're interested to see what I do.

Here's some of the photos I shot with the 6650:
12062008_003 - Share on Ovi 12052008_023 - Share on Ovi 12062008_005 - Share on Ovi
You can view all my 6650 photos on my Ovi Channel

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