Sunday, October 16, 2005


An island prison that's been filmed in a number of movies like "The Rock" - and we haven't once visited after numerous trips to San Francisco.
So we took a day out of our trip to visit Fisherman's Wharf. We took the MUNI F-line street cars on Market St. because they were a lot cheaper at $2 per trip. The cable cars were $5 each way and the line up was long. F-line had historical street cars in use. We rode in a Milan one there and a Phily one back.
There was only one exclusive ferry service that went to Alcatraz so we took that. So much for competition. But I guess the government gets a cut to maintain Alcatraz.
When we got close, so many people took our their cameras - so did we.

Inside it looked like any old prison. I wonder if the Don Jail looks like this:

There were two cells that they set up to look like how the 2 escapees made their cell look like they were still sleeping while they escaped.

Sure you can tell it's not a real person, but when you're a guard working x number of hours it would pass for a couple of walkbys.
Certain parts of the jail were not used since the army years and thus never renovated:

Finally, they had, what they claimed to be, the most accurate scale model of Alcatraz and the island:

One of my friends tells me that they use to walk the tour group through the exact sewer tunnels the escapees travelled but we didn't get that chance. We also didn't get to visit the shower room where the SEAL team in "The Rock" was ambushed.

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Anonymous said...

Thats because the shower room in "The Rock" was not the actual room. The real one is beneath the Mess Hall.