Monday, October 17, 2005

Palace of Fine Arts

A location that my sister insisted we go and luckily my mom's friends drove us there.
It was so amazing how large scale the architecture was.

Now here I am posing in front of a building

Apart from these buildings there isn't anything else to see. That was the disappointing part and I'm glad we didn't bus it here - there's nothing else to see in the area.

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kpmishu said...

Oh wow! Is that still in California? I've been there like 3 times my whole life. One to Disneyland, Sacramento..and during this summer..Los Angeles, and Catalina Island. :) oOo! from looking at the pictures, you guys went to Alcatraz?! wow!! I've always wanted to visit that place. I've seen movies "Escape from Alcatraz" and Birds of Alcatraz...or I think that was the title of the movie. But yeah..let me know when you're in Illinois. Oh yeah! I have made a new xanga. it's It's also the same as my AIM sn as well. :Dza