Monday, October 17, 2005

Japantown San Francisco

We woke up early in the morning and walked along Ellis St. through Tenderlion to get to Japantown. There were a lot of suspicious people around. In this area you don't really worry about your wallet anymore. There's more important things than that. We decided it was worth the extra couple blocks and walked up to Geary St. instead and that didn't look as bad.

Here's a bridge across to one of Japantown's malls

The mall was pretty empty because it didn't open till 11am and it was 10am.
It wasn't as nice as Pacific Mall but there was a huge Japanese bookstore.

There isn't that many pictures of Japantown because there really isn't much to see. This is the best overview of Japantown we have:

A picture of random art in the mall:

And finally something we passed by but didn't go in, St. Mary's Cathedral. I hear that when the Pope visited he stayed here.

These things remind me where my donation money goes. With my donations I think I've helped them put in one door knob.

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