Saturday, December 24, 2005

Easton McDonald's

I love McDonald's Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. I remember when McDonald's had a different special for each day of the week. Wednesday was McChicken special so we'd go almost every time since it was the office's favorite sandwich.

After 3 years, my office friends are not ones into McDonald's. Eating healthy seems to be near the top of their heads - yet Wendy's and Pizza Hut are acceptable to them.

Here is the closest McDonald's to our hotel - the Easton Town Center McDonald's. It is the second largest restaurant in the US and the first McDonald's of its kind.

It features:

  • an interactive, miniature drive-thru for kids

  • a karaoke booth for customers to record CDs

  • an adults Area with living-room style furniture and high-back booths

  • and a merchandise area where customers can purchase McDonald's apparel and souvenirs

  • As an added bonus, the front counter is designed to resemble the original 1950s McDonald's.

    Some of you might not think McDonald's is very appetizing based on some certain documentary or rumours. Let's put some of them to rest.

    Rumour: 100% Beef is actually a company called "100% Beef" and doesn't tell you anything about the beef

    Truth:False. All beef from McDonald's has been approved by the US Department of Agriculture. Most of its beef is from the USA but a small portion is imported from New Zealand and Australia for lean meat. US mainly feeds cattle grain while New Zealand and Australia are grass-fed.

    Rumour: Fries are fried using beef tallow

    Truth: True, but if they do now, not for long. Traditionally, McDonald's indeed uses beef tallow to make french fries. However, McDonald's is currently switching to using vegetable oil instead.

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    Saul said...

    OK, I will go to McD's with you next week!