Friday, December 16, 2005

Looking at me from a different Perspective

Toronto is a multicultural place with people from many different walks of life. Have you wondered what you'd like as a west-asian or caucasian? I rarely do but whatever. My sis gave me a link to the The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer. It's this site that morphs your face in these fun ways: baby, teenager, young adult, old geezer, west-asian, east-asian, and a few more ways.

Just make sure you have a clean forward facing picture of yourself.
Here I am as a West Asian

Eric while he's black

Here is Erick the Red!

Artistic me (Botticelli)

Maybe how I'd look a couple years from now

Hunky Anime Me


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Eric, looking good!

- sis

kpmishu said...

wow... hmMm.. I think I'll give that a try. :P

Jonathan said...

i think the red one isn't half bad. maybe you should transform yourself into that one

Jonathan said...

by the way, is that you graduation picture?

Eric said...

Yep! It's my grad pic from High School. I haven't changed much in these past 6 years.

Anonymous said...

that is bad ass where did u go to do that? (nickname-Anonymous)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA