Sunday, March 27, 2005

Arcade at the Hilton

This is the arcade at the Hilton.

There's a lot of old games like NFL Blitz 2001, a game where you shoot aliens and alien looking like humans (denoted by them shooting at you) called Area 51, and some old 4 player with knights, elves, rouges, and wizards called Gauntlet. That last game had 10 credits in it so I played one of them. It was a bit like diablo but u don't pick up cool things and all the enemies continually spawn back at a constant speed so getting out of an area is more important than killing everything. What frustrated me the most hitting the attack button didn't do anything, you had to keep holding the joystick towards the thing you wanted to kill and the computer did the slashing for you. So running around the enemy was not a possibility when it got crowded. I can't believe this game is a classic. It's an awful game.

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