Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Evening with S60 in New York

I just got back from An Evening with S60 at the New York Nokia Flagship Store:

There were so many people on the first floor that it was hard to move around:

The second floor was crowded too:

Eric from S60 was on hand to talk:

The S60 truck that made a lot of fake trunk sound and controlled by the accelerometer of a N82... yawn:

Something like this was cool when Sony Ericsson showed off a T610 controlling a Bluetooth car (CAR-100) back in 2003. It doesn't carry the same wow factor in 2008.

Showing off N-gage:

I had a chance to play the new Star Wars The Force Unleashed on the N-Gage and it was pretty neat. You make these patterns on the number pad to select the force to use like which droid to destroy and how to destroy it. There's a demo on N-Gage so I recommend downloading it to see for yourself.

The hor dourves present were:
- mini crab cakes
- steak on cracker
- fried shrimp
- slice of chicken
- asparagus wrapped like an egg roll

They had a number of Bluetooth headsets to give away and 2 N95-3s.

Free swag in a bag were:
- a pink hat
- a pink or grey cellphone pouch
- small pad of paper (I wish it were a monthly calendar for 2009)
- a sponge S60 lanyard
- a page of Legends telegraph (you can also read it online here). It's really lame.
- pen

I chatted up with a number of HoFo members like B0000rt, gwapz, and howard.

Overall there were just the usual things at the Nokia Store. I saw the N96 (one was circulating) which was smaller than what I'd thought it would be. The N85 (also only 1 being circulated) was small as well with an impressive screen. But you've seen both those phones on numerous photos on the web. Nobody from Nokia could talk about upcoming phones and there weren't any prototypes on display.

I feel there should have been more neat S60 software shown off like a demo of wiimote with tv out playing a ngage shooter projected onto a huge wall. Just something people don't expect.

Outside of many Nokia phone enthusiasts getting together at the same place at the same time, there wasn't much extraordinary. I think a good HoFo meet in Toronto is just as good.

All photos at the event taken by my E71-2!

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