Friday, September 19, 2008

Nokia E72 E63 and E75

A promotional ad from Nokia was leaked onto YouTube (taken down already) and picked up by many phone blogs reveals the E75 slider and the E72 E63 a qwerty phone (a lot of blogs have them reversed with the E71-like device called the E75). Both are expected to be E-series midrange phones sporting the 369MHz Freescale MXC300 ARM1136JF-S solution, 2 or 3.2MP cameras, and GPS.

Nokia E75
It's time Nokia started competing directly against HTC's numerous slider out QWERTY phones. I was shopping Manhattan and I saw a lot of LG QWERTY slider phones and HTC VOX-like phones. This phone will be a big hit for the teenage demographics who want the standard keypad for making calls and the convenience of the QWERTY keyboard for text messages.

Nokia E72 E63
Most likely to be released in North America carriers like AT&T, Fido, and Rogers, I speculate the E72 will be almost identical to the E71 except for minor differences like crippling carrier-specific software and WiFi features (GPS) removed as the E62 was to the E61.

Nokia said they were going to hit North America in a big way this coming year and it looks like their development efforts are finally ready to market. The QWERTY keyboard is a highly desired feature in the North American market (less so in Europe who are accustomed to T9) and these phones stand a good chance of increasing Nokia uptake here. Now if only Nokia can get carriers to sell these phones at a reasonable price.

Here's the Nokia promotional video:

<< Removed by Nokia >>

Source: GSMArena

Updated September 21, 2008:
Some additional photos of the E75:

Based on the size of the screen to the Nokia logo and keys, the screen will be a 2.4 inch similar to the N82

There's a camera! After the E61 mishap, all E-series have included a camera. A single LED can also be seen.

Note the WLAN MAC address on the label. This confirms WiFi will be on the E75 (no surprise to anyone familiar with the E-series)

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