Saturday, February 05, 2005

I want an Acura!

So today was another day of going to a dealership. This time it was an Acura dealership:

I had visited earlier to test drive the Acura TSX, which I liked a lot. Richard, the sales consultant, had called me on Friday during a work meeting but I had to hang up on him. I called him back this afternoon to make sure it was him who called me and ask him if there were any specials at Acura. I hear their manager is giving some very special discounts this month. So I tell him I might be going later that afternoon. I went with my parents and we took a quick look at the TSX and the colours available. My mom saw the EL and she liked that. It was a loaded up Civic! No way! Since I already tested the car 2-3 times in the past and I didn't care to test again, it was time to sit down to talk money. After a lot of blah blah blah. I like this car:

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The Greek Princess said...

Hey Eric...
i came across your blog...just peakin thru...i saw your Acura next car i wanna get the acura TL...i deff think you should check it out! its amazing! i own a civic now...and they are great cars dont diss them!! haha oh and i hate to burst your company...just acuras are more luxurious. haha i def want a TL though...they are way better. when my lease is up (06) i will get the TL...woohoo!! i cant wait!! nice blog by the way! :-D