Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just a Walk Around

There was a night we were searching for food. This is what we saw at the mall:

I already had a Big Mac-like burger for the afternoon so more burgers was not really on my mind. The night before we had Turkish food at:

It was main kabobs and they were very good. Even the minced lamb and chicken were good.
After dinner we took a walk in the mall and went into Footlocker to look at stuff. I saw a sale on shirts, 5 for $20 or you can buy 1 for $9.99. So if you get 2 you get 3 free shirts. Nice. But the sizes were odd, here's one:

I thought XL was really big, now it's even bigger! I've never seen such sizes in Canada. Must be an America thing.


tissue said...

i think it's popular to wear oversized shirts in the states. that, or everyone is grossly overweight.

Rebecca Chan said...

lol must be an american thing..

over 60% of americans are overweight and 30% of them are obese..

well, canadians are not far behind at 14% obesity.

when i was on my trip to florida, sooo many ppl order large-size fries alone to eat for lunch. at disney there is a vender just for fries T-T

and u wonder why they are overweight..

Jonathan said...

we have a vendor selling just fries as well, it's called New York Fries. YUM!