Thursday, February 10, 2005

Old School Wednesday

I love listening to Z103.5 on Wednesday because it's when they play all the old school dance songs I like. I do feel old and recalling all those great favorites. This is the CD that I think of when I listen on Wednesday:

Yes it's old, but it's still the best Dance Mix compilation Much Music had put out.


b.p. said...

hey, i listen to zee 103 as well in the car! there's nothing else that is that clear in loo =p .. not to mention they play a good mixture of techno/hiphop

tissue said...

doesn't loo have that stupid station hits 91.5? maybe it's all rap though

i remember the first dance mix, i think it was dance mix 93 or something like that ... lots of classic stuff on it, i think herman might still have it

Herman said...

I think it was dance mix 94 that i had. Great songs!