Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The "Weird" stores

I've been to quite a few shopping malls (maybe a bit more than just a few), but there's a lot of stores I don't wander into. For example, the lingerie stores, the bedding stores, and the arcade. I mean like, how many of you actually walk into the larger department stores like Sears or the Bay. Most of the time I just turn around like at Markville or just skip the corner like Yorkdale. Here is a store I rarely go into but it's big:

Although some good deals can be had there. I can never find anything there because there really isn't many small sized things for me. And sometimes small seems to be too large for me. We found a sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch so I figure Winners gets their things from the US where people there are larger.

Now there's the places where I just know I won't find many good stuff:

Battery Plus reminds me of Radio Shack. They both do not have reasonably priced things.

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tissue said...

winners clothing seems to be used to me... most of their stuff, they only have 1 size or only 2 of it in stock, or sometimes their clothes are dirty or stretched