Sunday, October 17, 2004


Spent the afternoon shopping and downtown. We pass by the Bata Shoe Museum:

Do people that go to Woodsworth really live here??

Just kidding, they have a more normal apartment but it wasn't fun to take a picture of.
Here's another residence I frequently pass by:

I hope that's enough pictures to make up for yesterday's void


tissue said...

oh i was downtown yesterday too.

except i don't have pictures to prove it. how do you get them out of the phone?

Jonathan said...

Eric needs to stop hanging around St. Hilda's, the GIRLS residence (picture #3).

Better be careful, people may mistaken you to be some SICKO! hahaha

Iza said...

Eric! are you stalking lil girls @ UT?? hmm... But girls, don't worry, I know Eric is not a sicko~ He's just a psycho! :P