Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day where everyone can dress up as they wish and no one is going to make fun of them. I recall last year going clubbing on halloween and every guy was dressed up as a pimp with their large fur coats, large top hats, and a series of flashy bling bling around their necks and fingers. On the other hand, girls had a different attire. They dressed as little school girls with short skirts, white angels (I recall one that had very large wings to compensate for the skimpy lingerie she had on), and various other outfits where clothing was at a minimal. I think the cutest outfit was someone dressed up as a large pikachu who was just walking down to the subways from the street as the streetcar I was in passed by. This year is slightly different. I dressed up at work for their small halloween event. I bet you're eager to find out what I wore. Well here it is:

If you guessed tourist then you're right. Someone said I look like a Japanese tourist :)

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