Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Part 2 – Form, Screen, Camera

It’s hard to go around town without seeing someone hold their cell phone to their head, be it when you’re on the bus or driving in your car on the highway. While we bring our phones with us almost everywhere we go, have we thought about how our phone looks? We think about how we dress each day with numerous questions on your mind such as “Do I wear these pair of shoes with my top?” or “What goes with this bottom I have?” Since we coordinate our clothing, why not coordinate our cell phone to suit our personality?

We can see from my survey the following result:

A large number of people use bar-style phones such as those from Nokia. They are the most traditional design, dating back to the original brick phones.

One feature that has made leaps and bounds on cell phones is the screen. It is something that a user looks at most often when using their cell phone. It was just a bit over a year ago that colour screen phones appeared on Canadian service provider lineups. Although many of my friend’s contracts aren’t up yet, a large number have colour screen phones:

A more recent feature that is quickly being implemented more and more cell phone models are cameras. Telus was the first with a colour screen phone in Canada and they’re also the first ones with a camera phone in their lineup.

As you can see, not a lot of people I know have camera phone, most likely because it’s still a relatively new feature in cell phones in Canada. Perhaps we’ll all be doing photo blogs in the near future.

Part 3 – Manufacturers, Conclusion, Raw data


Iza said...

you have so much time on your hands to actually do this much? how many people have you surveyed so far? maybe you should include a sample population... also... are most of the people asian? you know how the asian community (particularly fobs) are huge on cars, clothes and cell phones...

Jonathan said...

funny thing mishy, i said the same thing to Eric yesterday. he has too much time on his hands

but you are completely correct and sample population is very important in ratios. also we must not have unproportioned ratios skewed by chinese people, who on average seem to own pretty neat phones and in Canada have a high probability to own a phone.

so readers of this blog, take all these ratios on phones knowing they could be skewed, a lot =)

but thanks for the information Eric, I enjoy reading it