Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Twoooo's day

Monday's picture was of Fairview! Thanks to all those that guessed. Jonathan's right. It's right in front of the Timothy's there. I'm not too sure about the sushi place though.

So on Tuesday I went to work out at the gym downstairs. i had a personal trainer for the first visit so he showed me most of the machines and how to use them. We talked about what I was planning to do at the club and I said it was to build muscle. We talked a bit about eating healthy so that made me think about dinner that night. I decided that after listening to him mention eating healthy, I wouldn't be doing Big Macs that evening. So I was going to eat healthy. I didn't find a Quizno's so I went to KFC

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

hahah, you're too funny man.
after talking about eating healthy, forego McD's and go straight to KFC. hahha