Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Gasy Winter

Since I forgot to take a picture of my neighbourhood yesterday, here is a pic of it when I got out of the house:

There was a thick layer of ice covering the windows of the car. It took a short while to get off but with the car window heaters on, it was no trouble.
Was very tired at work today because of working so long yesterday. That's all.
After work I was got some gas since prices were still low:

I didn't need it but I might as well fill up before they go up again. I hear on the news that Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, are getting together to decide whether or not to decrease oil production since the price has plumeted so quickly. It's easy to extend this belief that gas stations also get together to set prices. But they say they don't do that and it's all based on competition.
Hmm... I can't believe it's 10C, according to my car's thermometer. Just a couple hours ago it was freezing and snow was on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

10C !?!
I think you need to bring your car back in for repair again....