Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter Driving

With the winter upon us, I was thinking about how driving conditions change so suddenly with new snowfall, flurries, and black ice. Then I look at my car and remind myself, I don't have winter tires, and I realize I don't really put money to wear the only part of my car touches thr ground. Oh wells. I'll drive more carefully. I've already had a few times of slipping at the turn of the green light. At least my car is a front wheel drive. My 4Runner is a rear wheel drive and in light rain it slips easily. Even in 4wd mode it still slips on occasion. Now for real 4wd/awd systems, they will channel power to the wheels that are not slipping. My 4Runner only has rudimentary "move all wheels at the same speed" functionality. This all brought me to look at the Mazdaspeed 6:

It's all wheel drive with lots of goodies. If you want more info check out the mazda.ca web site

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