Thursday, December 09, 2004


I've been using my RBC Classic II VISA card ever since the beginning of university. I used it to buy textbooks since I never carried enough cash to afford $200 textbooks. So I look at my VISA bill and see on the top left that I have a couple thousand points. So I figure I should look on their web site to see what I could get with my points. I was thinking it'd be a yo-yo or a toothbrush kind of reward. Found out I could get movie tickets! So I got those and they finally arrived:

Since my mom's been paying my VISA bills when I was in university, she deserves the tickets... I hear she's going to watch Alexander.

I hear it's not a great movie from RottenTomatoes. But it's alright. English Patient was rated a good movie and I didn't like that.

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tissue said...

well what do you expect, you though "wild things" was good.