Saturday, April 23, 2005

Half a GIG!

I went to Pacific Mall today and got me something very very nice. Just take a look:

It's half a gigbyte of ATP memory for my phone!! Very nice. Here it is going into my phone!!

Accessing the MMC is as fast, if not faster, than accessing the internal phone memory. Too bad my phone is going into my sis' hands in mid May. I also went to Treatz' Rogers store and got a chance to play with the Nokia 6682 and the Nokia 8801. I really liked the size and feel of the Nokia 8801. It'll be a very hype phone. The Nokia 6682 was disappointing for me. It felt large and non special. But the Nokia 6230b also felt bad when I played with it at Treatz' place and I still got it and love it. I think I'll still get it when it comes out and reviews are good.

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