Thursday, April 14, 2005

Low Virtual Memory

Ever run into that situation you have way too many windows or applications open at the same time and Windows warns you that you're low in virtual memory? Seems like you're not the only one:

I guess no one really looks at these monitors to notice this error.


kelly said...

This is why so many businesses prefer Linux (memory handling and error recovery) to Windows when it comes to embedded systems.


tissue said...

uhh, i don't see how using linux is going to fix this problem.

first of all, this terminal isn't an embedded system. it's running a standard operating system (windows).

second, linux would probably have the same problem. the operating system only allocates memory that the application requests. so having a lot of applications running at once, or an application that uses a lot of memory would probably give the same warning on any OS

just reading slashdot and buying into their "windows = bad" is pretty stupid.