Sunday, November 28, 2004

Easing into Sunday

Yesterday I spent some of my evening here:

Then I took a nap at home and messed up my sleeping schedule.
Sunday was woken up by my sis to visit the Nike Store. This was all I got:

Everything was so expensive over there.
Next was yum cha with family. Then off to Futureshop to exchange something for this:

This is SOOO great! Makes any computer wireless so I don't have to drag a network cable from my basement to the 2nd floor anymore. I got it for $65! What a good price! It even came with a USB extension so I put that on my old computer downstairs so my dad doesn't have to reach to the back of the computer to put in his USB key hard drive.


Iza said...

65$ sounds like a sweet deal.... i want to go shoppping too... i still haven't checked out the new mall yet... T_T school made me have no social life T_T such a poor poor girl... wanna take me shopping???? =D

tissue said...

guess who's taking my T720 :)

hint: his name starts with h, and ends with n, and rhymes with "sermon"

Anonymous said...

D'kor says he doesn't know anyone with that name :)