Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pushing it to the MAX

I've been very busy at work lately so I don't have many exciting stories to tell this time. Perhaps when the weekend starts again. Well, some of you may know what powers the photos on my blog. It's the Sony Ericsson T616 if you didn't know. When I got my phone, it had enough battery life to last a bit over 3 days with moderate use consisting of a couple short calls and playing with the camera. Right now, I've conditioned the batter to last over 6 days! This what the battery status looked after 4 days of use:

I'm really glad it's lasting longer than 3 days. My friend told me he gets a whole week on a battery so I'm catching up.


Jonathan said...

I am not expert on cell phone battery technology, but how do you condition your battery to have longer lifetime? i am assuming when u say "condition" you don't mean "don't use, keep on standby"

Eric said...

Conditioning the battery would be referring to when you recharge your battery and not necessarily on use. I usually recharge my battery for 4-8h then let it run down to when the phone tells me to recharge. So now when i just use the phone lightly and never turn it off, the standby life is over 6 days. Playing games and using bluetooth on my phone drains its batteries like crazy.