Monday, November 15, 2004

Very Hot Sunday

I didn't end up going to Church today... yes... bad me... I slept in and worked at my office. Look at what a mess it is:

I didn't get much of my work done cuz soon after I set up, I had to go for lunch with my parents. Later that day I went to pacific mall to pick up the mini cruzer that I said I'd get. I ended up getting a 256MB on for $50. Not too cheap but reasonable price at the time.

Then it was off to hot pot with friends at:

It was very good! We had crab, squid balls, oysters, shrimps, beef, lamb, egg nog stuff, veggies, cuddlefish, mussel, and dumplings. I am SOOO full as I'm writing this. I don't know how I'll sleep with such a full stomach or even work this food off. We then took a short walk around this mall:

Let's just say that no walk could clear my stomach. Not sure if your recognize what mall this is. Too bad everything was closed.


Jonathan said...

this is Times Square.

btw, do work. i don't see a laptop there nor a space for one )

Jonathan said...

My mistake, I do see a laptop there.

tissue said...

that looks like your room.

Eric said...

lol yeah... i should have wrote weekend office. I do work at home too. Not very healthy.