Sunday, November 07, 2004

A nice sunday

Today was just one of those great Sundays that I get a lot done. I woke up early to get to Church. This is where I go:

The sermon was about the sow. To sum it up, it's about having a good foundation (soil) so the person (seed) will grow well spiritually.
After Church is was off to the much hyped Vaughan Mills. Close your eyes if you don't want a preview. The exit ramp was very packed and a LOT of cars in the parking lot. But thanks to GOd, we quickly found a parking spot. Here's the entrance.

It was already 11:30am so we decided to grab lunch before starting our shopping. Lining up for food was crazy as well. Don't even think about going to the major franchises like A&W. Those looks like 30min line ups. We got something like Bourbons Grill. The food court:

While walking the mall, you saw the usual stores like Espirit, The Children's Store, and EB so I didn't take a picture of them. There were things stuff in the middle of the mall:

Yeah... I am a bit shaky, but with all the children around, I didn't want some parent to think I was taking a picture of their child. With this camera, even if I tried to do that, it would come out as a big blur.
We slowly got to the biggest store... or at least the biggest store you can see from Highway 400. It was the Outdoor store:

The theme was everywhere inside as well:

There was a sea plane that hung overhead as well but I forgot to take a picture of it. I realized while inside the store that I shouldn't be taking pictures cuz at some places they don't like people copying their designs since they paid so much money to have someone design it for them. But too late ;)
After I went to the best place in the whole mall:

I wonder if you can figure out where that was.
Then it was more of the mall and this:

We didn't quite finish walking the mall but we'd been there for quite a while. Too bad I didn't pick up anything.


Anonymous said...

Esther says: Vaughan Mills is one of the best malls I've been to! We went at 11:30am, had lunch, and shopped until 4:30pm and we were still not even finished going to all the shops we wanted to see. There are a lot of nice shops there--my favourite being Designer Labels which is run by HBC. There are a lot of deals there on a lot of clothes. I'm looking forward to going to the mall again next week (haha) and highly recommend you to go!

Anonymous said...

Really? Can I come too? =)

Ivan said...

i went to vaughn mills this weekend too! i didn't think a mall would be terribly exciting, but i have to admit it was pretty cool.