Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bursting heaters at University of Toronto Trinity College

Yesterday was not a great day in terms of things going right. I mentioned I was dead scared when I lost my mom and sister at the mall, now is another story. I drove my sis back to her rez and some of her roommates were just outside her room. They told her that her fire alarm had gone off during the weekend and the steam had filled her entire room. Apparently her room's heater had burst. Everything in her room was moist and humid, from carpet to the curling posters now lying on the floor. I quickly moved her computer and monitor into the hallway to minimize water damage.

Unfortunately her monitor had already suffered damage with water inside the screen and all the buttons on the monitor didn't work. The annoying part was either the screen would flicker at random times or the monitor menu would appear and disappear. Thankfully the computer did not seem to suffer as much since the desk was protecting it.

She couldn't use her blanket since it was still very wet. Some of her cosmetics in small packs burst from the intense heat. Here is are the large icicles that formed at her window from the moisture trying to escape her room:

I hear from my sister that they finally fixed the heater today after claiming they'd "fixed" it after she complained about it earlier in the year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, GoGo for fixing my computer. Trinity sucks @#$@#$@%%@%@@%@%