Saturday, January 01, 2005

Buffalo Trip Continued

If you thought that was my whole trip, you're wrong... the mall has so many more stores. There was the Apple Store:

I was playing around with the powerbook... I'd have to say WOW. I love the bluetooth built right into the laptop. I wish I had a bluetooth dongle for my computer. I was also playing with their Ipods... they aren't as user friendly as I thought they would be. I couldn't figure out how to navigate through the music list. I guess I'm getting old. Next I saw so many Microsoft Office boxes:

Very nice packaging. Make me want to buy one even though I don't own an Apple. I hear from people that they're going to be opening an Apple store at Yorkdale. Might be as soon as this summer since I hear they're already hiring to fill positions.

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Rebecca Chan said...

yup thats right, powerbook is wow. as with many other apple products.

the ipod doesnt seem easy to operate probably because ur used to operating pc's.. used to always trying to find the hard way to do things =P

macs are great =)