Friday, January 21, 2005

Cold Days again

It's late so I'll make this fast. I was at the gym a couple days ago and I was going to use my phone as my radio. But when I went into my pocket to change the station I quickly got embarassed and tried to keep it out of people's sight. Why you may ask, because it's a camera phone. I do not want people thinking I take pictures at the gym. That is just such a violation of the gym code. So I tend to bring it out quickly and just as quickly hide it. Don't worry, there's no pretty girls at the gym so you're not missing much.

So Wednesday was crazy snow day in Toronto again. This is what it looked like:

No police were out. They're smart, they avoid the bad weather. Or they could be out going to all those accident reports. It took me about an hour to make it to work. I had a meeting at 9am... thankfully it got scheduled to sometime later that day.

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tissue said...

no pretty girls!! lies!!!

the cops have been hiding behind those signs on 404 near highway 7 for three days straight now ... you know those trucks taht tell you that the road is blocked and to move to the next lane ... the cops park those on the shoulder and wait behind them