Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Win!

What did I really win? I'm wasn't sure that day. This is what I got in the mail:

Now you're thinking scam. Me too. But there's like all these big names like Ramada Plaza Resorts and Carnival. There's even a big signature from some person called Dan Lambert. It doesn't say who he is though. Although I haven't been winning much things lately, I do recall long time ago that winning letters didn't look this flashy and come with fake cheque-like things. Well there's fine print in the back of the cheque-like paper so I start reading it. "This is an offer to sell travel" is the first line on the fine print. I'm glad they're very straight to the point there. I guess they figure if you're going to read the fine print they might as well spare you the time. It continues to blab about things about mileage and where it'll take you. Then it goes to the part, "in return requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of an independent vacation ownership resorts". Hmm... I'd love to start my own business but I don't think I have the capital for something like that. Oh wells... seems like I won a chance to get scammed to buy a travel package I'm worthy to be scammed to buy a resort at some place. I hope I win something for real next time. For all those wish granters reading this, please let some weird package like a mac mini or an ipod magically arrive at my door.

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Jonathan said...

What happened to your insistence on not buying Apple? You should just stick to your Windows and let me get the Mini-Mac because I want Apple.

btw, those Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes looks just as legit. Maybe they send you these "you win" things because they know you have money to spare... hahah!