Saturday, January 22, 2005

Solar Flares

So today right after work/work out, I went straight to church for fellowship. It was alright. Tonight was sharing night. I haven't been for a while so everyone was asking me where I've been and some were asking if I was in Waterloo that term. I graduated a while ago and working too. So... it has been a long time.

After church today I noticed this in the sky:

I noticed it first while driving so I thought it was because of some lights being pointed into the sky light the flood lights downtown. But this is scarborough so no one does that here. And I noticed it at different parts of the sky so it had to be some natural occuring thing. Then I remembered watching TV about solar flares that occurred recently and that we should expect to see the Northern lights much better. I thought that meant IF we were up North we'd be able to see them more easily... North as in Northwest Territories. So I was impressed to see them today. Glad I got a picture of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hi guess who? OK..guess. I'm waiting. *hahaha* Well I'll be dropping by to read your entries, so make them interesting. =)


11325 *wink*

Eric said...
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b.p. said...

niiice you saw northern lights in blue? we saw them in green in waterloo back in december!

tissue said...

don't stare directly into the sun!

Eric said...

lol... you got me there 11325, boy i'm the slow one. Hope you come visit more often =)

Anonymous said...

An? Uh? AH? huh?! silly it's AM*..u know the rest. =P
Yeah I will drop by as often as I can, and you update constantly I see. =) good job. Alright I'm gone for now.



Did i just tell u that? haha..