Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Nothing much but lots of work. Oh I worked out today again. It was my cardio day. Last week 20 minutes took off 264 cals this time I got 294 cals off. It must be from watching the frustrating Raptors on TV that got me all pumped up. Once again I used my phone as my radio and now its battery is almost dead.

Yesterday I was thinking about toothpaste. How do you squeeze the toothpaste out? This is how I squeeze it:

Yep. Right in the middle. When it starts to get too thin in the center we spend the time squeezing the bottom of the tube back into the middle so we can continue to squeeze the middle. Works well for my sister and I for all these years. I hear about some people complaining about squeezing the middle, but is that for real? I mean it's so trivial to squeeze the bottom stuff to the middle/top. I know ketchup and other condiments i squeeze from the bottom since I get it all out in one direction. Squeezing the middle would force me to do it twice, once from the middle then one more time from the bottom.


Anonymous said...

I don't bother looking at how much calories I burn, but I do keep my heart rate between 70-75% for 45 minutes. But without my Ipod, I could not last longer than 10 minutes on my treadmill. =P *keke* Oh what a wonderful day to stay home and bake. I am doing that as soon as I get out of class today. Sitting here in the computer lab sucks, cause everyone got this sleepy I-don't-want-to-be-here look on their face, tempting me to get up and just go home. BUT, since I'm here and proud that I actaully made it in this cold weather I will stay for that. *haha* Alright hope you have a gooooody day. =)


Anonymous said...

I like to squeeze my toothpaste from the middle too, but after that I like to find yet to be squeezed spots on the toothpaste and go from there. *hehe* So my toothpaste ends up looking very sqeeeeezed? Deformed, and not pretty at all like it was when I first touched it. *haha* OK just had to post that.



tissue said...

cary had this awesome thing from the dollar store that would help you get toothpaste from the bottom of the tube... it was like this clip that you use to squeeze out toothpaste from the end.

Eric said...

Hmm... what is this 70-75% that you speak of Amy? I to take a look at that. I only look at calories since it's only one number so it's much easier to remember and compare for next time. I don't do much cardio because I heard it's more beneficial for guys to weightlift.

lol deformed. Yuck!

Oh yeah! Cary had a clip. We have a clip on our bag of milk. I don't like it but I got use to it. My sister was complaining the milk had the flavour of all the stuff in the refrigerator so that's why we got a clip. I like the flavour in our refrigerator. Maybe I'll post about it in the future.

Darrin Husak said...

Before I discovered this tube squeezer thing from the grocery, I usually split the tube and inserted my toothbrush in the other half. Yeah, not everyone likes it, I know. LOL.